Limited Editions
Limited Editions

Limited Editions

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All of the GH1 headphones are made from a single Maple tree, and marks the beginning of our Grado Heritage Series. The tree is from our hometown of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


Currently Available


1 Grado Microsoft Headphones for Surface

Microsoft: Designed for Surface

• Release Date: May 2016
• Availability: Not for Sale
• Background: Microsoft visited Grado with two goals: to listen to music and talk about a Made for Surface limited edition pair. From this idea came a very limited quantity of Grado headphones that were given by Microsoft to a select number of producers and composers around the world.


2 WHY HUNGER Grado Labs Headphones

Why Hunger Non-Profit Organization

• Release Date: May 2015
• Availability: Charity Auction
• Background: WHY Hunger is a non-profit that focuses on “building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.” In May of 2015, Grado built them a one-off WHY Hunger Grado headphone for a charity auction.

3 Billy Joel Grado Headphone

Billy Joel

Release Date: 2015
Availability: Not for Sale
Background: In 2015, for Billy Joel’s birthday, he received a one-off Piano Man Grado Headphone.

4 John Mayer Grado Headphone

John Mayer

• Release Date: 2014
• Availability: Not for Sale
• Background: John Mayer has been using Grado headphones to help record his albums for awhile now. As a thank you for his support, this custom limited edition was built for him which Matthew Grado (the Grado family’s youngest son) was able to give to John in person.

5 Fairfax Recording Studio Grado Headphone

Fairfax Recordings Series

• Release Date: 2014
• Availability: Not for Sale
• Background: In 2014, owner of Fairfax Recordings in Sound City, Kevin Augunas, visited Grado for the first time. It turned out he loved using Grado at his studio, which included the recordings of The Lumineers, among other artists. We worked together and built them a Fairfax Recording Series Grado Headphone.

6 Thailand Anniversary Grado Headphone

Thailand Anniversary

• Release Date: 2014
• Availability: Sold Out (Thailand Only)
• Background: Built for the anniversary of the Thai distributor.

7 Bushmills Grado Headphones

Bushmills Whiskey Barrel

• Release Date: December 4, 2013
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: In late 2012, Grado was approached by Bushmills to make a headphone out of their whiskey barrels. It’s a challenge the Brooklyn company couldn’t say no to. Of course, it wouldn’t have been made if the White Oak’s sonic properties weren’t good enough. After prototyping, it was found it was doable. This project was also brought together with the help of Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, Bushmills’ spokespersons and huge audiophiles. The Whiskey Barrel headphones sold out in one day.

• Press: 


New York Times



Sounds Good Short Film

Dolce & Gabbana

• Release Date: November 28, 2012
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: Dolce & Gabbana loved what Grado had been doing with mahogany. They contacted Grado and had 100 wooden Dolce & Gabbana Grado Headphones made for $1,000 each.Press:



6 John Varvatos Grado Headphone

John Varvatos

• Release Date: 2011
• Availability: Not for Sale
• Background: Designer John Varvatos had mentioned a few times in magazines that he loves Grado headphones. As a thank you, the family made him a single pair of John Varvatos Grado headphones.

8 Grado Labs PS1 Headphone


• Release Date: 2006
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: More info coming soon

8 Grado Gold SR325 Anniversary Headphone

Gold SR325

• Release Date: 2003
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: For Grado’s 50th anniversary, the Brooklyn family released a limited pair of gold SR325.

Freesystems Headphone

• Release Date: 2002
• Availability: Not for Sale
• Background: In conjunction with Freesystems, Grado built the headphone that would be used with their wireless technology. This Grado ended up not being officially released, though there are a few being circulated.

10 Grado HF2 HeadFi Headphone


• Release Date: 2009
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: The second limited edition built for the Head-Fi community.

11 Grado HF1 HeadFi Headphone


• Release Date: 2005
• Availability: Sold Out
• Background: The first limited edition Grado built for the Head-Fi community.

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