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Photo by: Robert Williams

Learning never ends and the GR10 is a result of a constant desire to look at designs and materials and improve upon them.

Improvements upon the single armature design found in the GR8 are now in the GR10. A higher level of precision and new materials allows for the performance of the GR10 to add frequency extension in both the higher and lower ranges as well as lowering distortion.

The result is an even more faithful experience to the recorded musical event.

- John Grado

My sons Jonathan and Matthew were instrumental in the process of voicing this excellent transducer. Family is a true source of inspiration.

- John Grado



Raised dot on left earphone provides tactile indication of channel allowing earphones to be put on correctly even in the dark.

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3 pair ear tips (small, medium, large; proprietary blend of two silicon rubber materials)

Ear wax proof cloth x4

Ear wax proof cloth ring x2

Moving Armature
Connector Type
3.5mm stereo mini-plug
Frequency Range
20 -20,000 Hz
32 ohms
Maximum Input Power
Cable Length
51"/130mm (oxygen-free copper wire)
9 grams including plug and cord

A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance.

Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.

"…the GR10s have a larger soundstage and are more sensitive to musical nuance, bringing up more low-end bass tonality, a quicker note attack, an even greater definition... Yes, I would recommend these to a friend."
β€” Jason Ganz /
"...the Grado GR10s are just plain superb. With none of the major flaws I've heard with in-ear cans of the past, these Grados will WOW you... Grado did their R&D, and built a beauty. The GR10s are keepers."
β€” Robert Levi / Positive Feedback
"...for the mid-band: its shock and awe! With enormous dynamics, extraordinary definition, and wide-open soundstaging, the GR10s are glorous midrange performers. This is where most of the music lives, and it lives big-time in the GR10s."
β€” Robert Levi / Positive Feedback
"What really appeals about the GR10 is that they are downright fun to listen to. The GR10s make the music sound alive in a way we can't remember any other earphones managing."
β€” Hugo Jobling / TrustedReview
"It's not just accuracy that the GR10s offer, they also have a huge soundstage. The depth that the GR10s produce is nothing short of brilliant..."
β€” Hugo Jobling / TrustedReview