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Should artists listen to, or ignore critics?

In the creative world, where consumers rely heavily on reviews for books, movies, plays and more, the creators themselves have a tough decision to make. There's always someone who tries to tell you how you should do things differently or 'better'. It can be hard to deal with; no one likes to be told they are wrong, or to change their approach due to another's opinion. But sometimes you can use critical reviews to gain a competitive edge.

Listening to good constructive criticism can help you do better. At first, it may make you feel uncomfortable, but ultimately it can solidify your professional performance or content. 

When negative criticism flies your way, don't be upset or cowed. Try to step outside of yourself so you can keep a cool head, make your audiences feel valued, and improve your output. Here are the best approaches:

  • Honestly evaluate the critic and their intentions
  • Evaluate whether the review given is helpful or destructive
  • Be grateful to those who take the time to provide constructive criticism
  • Keep your emotions in check when responding to criticism
  • Own any shortcomings and try to improve

Critics will always find fault, it's kinda their job. But critiques can provide a real insight into art, music, literature, movies, and even products. Can you learn from constructive criticism while ignoring ill-informed or even malicious critics?

Be aware that critics have deadlines and commercial pressures and may not fully consider different levels in the work. They are selling a product too: their own subjective opinions. Most professional critics make an honest attempt to be thoughtful and relevant. Instances of critics abusing their influence to deliberately damage an artist are rare.

Social media 'Influencers', on the other hand, might be honest reviewers but are frequently sponsored and pitching products for a price or free samples. The helpful reviews to consider are those from people who take their time to fully experience your output.

As much as you might listen to criticism to improve your art, don't be pushed around. Focusing on pleasing a few individuals usually ends up as art with little meaning. Disregard opinions from self-proclaimed experts who are quick to unfairly diminish what they don't understand.

So, should artists listen to critics or ignore them? Yes.
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I am my own critic on both music & politics. I don’t care what Rolling Stone used to say about Grand Funk Railroad.,

Thomas R Shewan

Artist should TRY to stay true to themselves,But unless they are independently wealthy and NEVER have to pay rent at some point a compromise will be made

Chris Stella

The opinions of music critics are just as subjective as the lists of best players of(pick an instrument) I’ve never taken stock in any of them. I like what I like, period.

Tony Shillings

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