Warranty and Registration

Only products purchased from an authorized Grado reseller will be honored under our warranty program. Grado resellers, except 4OurEars, are not permitted to offer merchandise through any 3rd party marketplace or online auction services; hence any products purchased this way are not covered under our warranty program. When purchasing a Grado product please keep all receipts, for they will be needed to have warranty service performed.



All our products come with a US manufacturer’s warranty (unless specifically stated otherwise). You may return defective items to us within 1 year for repair or replacement. Outside of the US please check with your local distributor for warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use. Please note that we consider eartips and cushions to be “consumable items” and offer no warranty on those parts.

As long as product was originally purchased from an authorized dealer within the United States, the warranty is valid from the original date of purchase. We ask for proof of that purchase date by supplying the original purchase receipt. If no original receipt is available warranty coverage is discretionary.

To obtain warranty service, the product must have originally been purchased either directly from us or from an authorized dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found here.

Marketplace Sales:

We reserve the right to deny warranty claims for purchases originally made from anyone NOT on the dealer list, and proof of original purchase is required. Note that we DO NOT allow our dealers to sell new product on marketplace websites (such as Amazon or eBay), and we do not provide warranty support for products purchased on such sites, except for Amazon or eBay sales from 4OurEars, who is the only dealer authorized to sell on 3rd Party Marketplaces.

Warranty Service Guidelines:

For direct warranty service we cover parts, labor and return shipping to the customer within the United States, if return shipping is to an address outside of the United States the return shipping will be billed to the customer, so the only cost to customers is shipping the product to us for repair. The decision to repair or replace a defective product is solely at Grado’s discretion.

Products must be serviced either by the distributor we sold them to, or directly by us here in the USA. If a product was purchased in the USA, it must be returned for service in the USA, not to any international distributor. Likewise, a product purchased in any specific country must be returned for service within that country (or directly to us in the USA). For this reason we recommend that international customers purchase locally when possible, so any service needs can also be handled locally by our dealers or distributors. We also recommend verifying service contracts with dealers/distributors before purchase, as they are independent businesses and have their own policies in place.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at info@gradolabs.com

B-stock/Clearance or Open Box/Demo
(as are sometimes sold by us or authorized dealers)

B-stock (or clearance) refers to anything that is new and was marked as b-stock for cosmetic reasons or is a discontinued/special model.

You should expect cosmetic flaws, but the items will be functionally up to spec and are covered by the same warranty as new products (with the exception of cosmetic flaws). Accessories included may be different from new versions, including cables, cases, eartips, etc.

If a dealer is selling an item as “used”, “open box” or “store demo” stock, these items have most likely not been inspected or tested by Grado. We will consider them all as used for purposes of warranty. While we do offer our normal warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of original sale, we do not warrant any cosmetic flaws or other issues caused by use. Please clarify details with your dealer prior to purchase.

Warranty Registration

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Sending products for service

For your protection, we strongly recommend shipping the package(s) via insured FedEx or UPS. Please retain your tracking number as Grado Labs is not responsible for lost or damaged items. If the package arrives damaged or distressed, we will refuse it. You will then need to file a claim with the carrier to recover the insured amount of your package(s).

Please ship warranty/repairs to:

Grado Labs
Attn: Service Department
4614 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220