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The Opus3 was built specifically to bring the entry-level and the mid-range phono cartridges closer together, creating an even tighter ecosystem of cartridges. Grado worked on the Opus3 as a...

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The Opus3 was built specifically to bring the entry-level and the mid-range phono cartridges closer together, creating an even tighter ecosystem of cartridges. Grado worked on the Opus3 as a cost-effective wooden cartridge while taking advantage of the techniques and processes used in the higher-end models. If taking a step up in your turntable setup is on your to-do list, start here.

The Opus3 is nestled inside a Maple housing. After years of experience with Maple from the Heritage and Statement Series headphones, Grado decided it was time to bring it to a turntable. Maple produces a vibrant and luscious sound, while staying consistent and clear. Through a variation of thermal agingprocesses, the housing gains the ability to better dampen and control the resonant frequencies.
How to remove the protective cover from your Grado cartridge without damaging the stylus
  • Body: Maple Wood
  • Cantilever: Aluminum / Elliptical Diamond
  • Output:
    High 4.0mV @5 CMV (45)
    Low 1.0mV @5 CMV (45)
  • Inductance:
    High Output 55mH
    Low Output 6mH
  • Resistance:
    High Output 660 ohms
    Low Output 70 ohms
  • Input Load: 10k-47k ohms
  • Cartridge Weight: 8 grams
  • Tracking Force: 1.6-1.9 grams
  • Compliance: 20μm/mN
  • Channel Seperation: Average 30db - 10-30k Hz
  • Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 kHz
  • Non-Sensative to Capacitive Load
  • Builds: High Output, Low Output, Mono

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michael Edward Casey
Opus 3 is spectacular!

The Low-Output Grado Opus 3 Mono Cartridge, mounted on the new Marantz Turntable and feeding into the phono stage of my Marantz PM-KI Ruby Integrated amp and out to my heavily-modified Belle Klipsch speakers, has given new life to my extensive mono record collection. Some MC cartridges that I have heard have not done nearly so well! Congratulations Grado on a first-class product, and Thank You!

Chuck C.
Grado upgrade over the years!

I am nearing the end of a 50+hour break in period of my Opus 3 (high output) cartridge and I am noticing detail within the grooves of many of my records that I never heard before. The smooth detail of the highs and quiet background along
with linear and accurate bass is amazing. After previously owning two older Grado cartridges of which the Opus 3 is my third over a 47 year period I am very happy with continuing my audio experience with Grado. Thank you for making a great phono cartridge!

Duane Kennard
Really like this Opus3 !

This is the first Grado I bought new,. My purchase was based partly on internet forum reviews and partly ‘cause I’d for many years, wanted to try a wood body Grado. Glad I decided to try this one!

Highs seemed a bit rolled off until I WAS ABOUT 5 records in, it's still opening up and breaking in and sounding smoother with every play. Lows and mids sounded very good from the start and now highs are getting smoother and more extended as well. It’s not anywhere near broken in yet but I’m very happy that I chose this Opus3!
I hope that Grado keeps the price affordable on this one - I want to get a couple more!

Opus8 high output mounted on Audiomods Series Six tonearm.
Turntable is a 1971 Sony 2251 direct drive, Sony’s top model upon introduction.

Pete S.
It stays!

For a number of Years, I change 6 different cartridges every so often for a different sound or a desire to
“ get more of everything”.
It’s just the nature of this Hobby for lack of a better word.
So a Month ago, I installed the Ipus3 Maple Housing High Voltage on a Technics SL-1200.

It stays! I already know the best I can pull from the other 6 Cartridges, including AT Micro-lines, Ortofons and other Grados I still appreciate, but they won't achieve this result!

The Grado Gold comes close. Ur this Opus is just “ different” There is something about it that separates it from the others.

Its not hot bur requires little or no gain. Its just very well balanced and rhe Soundstage, you’ll have to hear that for yourself.

If you’re truly a Grado fan, you may look for more, but you may say to yourself, maybe speakers next, or another upgrade on the front end, but can I really improve the Cartridge?

Dave D.
What a pleasant surprise!

This product definitely deserves all the glowing reviews it is getting. This is my first Grado cartridge and I sure am happy I pulled the trigger on it. It is the equal of some of my most expensive Soundsmith and Hana cartridges. Great on classical music, strong well defined bass and smooth realistic strings. A true bargain, made in USA.

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