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The Red3 uses a four piece OTL cantilever that has a Grado specific diamond mounted on a brass bushing. Grado’s OTL, or optimized transmission line, technology provides an ideal transfer...

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The Red3 uses a four piece OTL cantilever that has a Grado specific diamond mounted on a brass bushing.

Grado’s OTL, or optimized transmission line, technology provides an ideal transfer of signal from the surface of the LP to the generator of the system. This technology rejects unwanted resonances and lowers distortion preserving the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of the music. This also helps keep noise generated by the motor system in the cartridge to a minimum.

Grado’s OTL stylus/cantilever design makes records sound quieter, improves the height, width, and depth of the soundstage, and present more detail than previously obtainable.

The Red3 is hand assembled by Grado's team in Brooklyn, with some builders having over 25 years of experience. This updated series of cartridges offers excellent tonal balance, dynamics, and realism, for a most rewarding reproduction of vocals and instruments. The coil winding techniques using ultra high purity copper wire, which were honed during the development of the Lineage Series, have let the electrical circuits achieve unison between the four coils in each phono cartridge. This allows for a precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging.

As in all Grado phono cartridges the Red3 is powered by a twin magnet system that optimizes the balance between stereo channels. All internal magnetic circuit parts are held to extremely high tolerances creating the desired stereo imaging. Grado’s patented Flux-Bridger design allows the Red3 to have one of the lowest effective moving mass generating systems while creating an excellent balance throughout the full frequency range.

  • Frequency Response: 10-55,000 Hz
  • Principal: MI
  • Channel Separation at 1KHz: 30
  • Input Load: 47K
  • Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec.: 5mV
  • Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5
  • Stylus Type: E
  • Inductance: 45mH
  • Resistance: 475
  • Compliance CUs: 20
  • User replaceable stylus
  • Mounting: S/P
  • Weight: 5.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
johan johansson
Grado Red3

I have never used a grado cartridge before. I have head many posirive and negative things over the years. I decided i wanted to try a different cartridge on my JVC QL-7 turntable. That is when i started looking at Grado seriously. The Red3 fit my budget, with an impulse purchese I ordered.
Within a week the new cartridge arrived. I opened the well packed package with enthusiasm. I had the cartridge installed and setup after an hour or so, it was a very careful setup.
At first I wasnt hearing anything especially different, not bad but not really a wow.
I fought off making changes to the setup as I knew I did it very well, so i kept listening.
Im very happy to say that after about 15 hours the cartridge just seem to blossom! It was sounding wide with great depth. The cartridge doesnt really do everything perfect but for me and my setup and ears it does many thing really well.
Im very happy with my purchase and many found for me, the negative things i'd about were never an issue for me. Great cartridge.

Nancy Emanuel

Product description was accurate. Works well and what was needed.

Ray Cahill
Red3 was not as expected

The Grado Red3 I received did not meet up to my expectations. It was considerably lower output than my other cartridges. It was necessary to crank the volume by about 25-30 % to achieve the same listening level. It also did not track as well. I have two records on which it skipped on the same track no matter what I set the tracking force to. I started with 1.5 grams as recommended, worked up to 1.75 , still skipped in the same spot. Two other cartridges tracked this record with no problem. It just did not compare to what I already have. I have a Sumiko Rainier, a Goldring E3 and a Nagoaka MP-110. All are within the same out put specs as the Grado, all had superior output and sound quality.

David R
Awesome Sounding Little Jewel!

This was compared to a Ortofon om 10 series and wow big difference between and Grado was much cleaner and more vibrant all around sounding. Congrats

Ryan M

Recently had the Grado3 installed in place of the Sumiko Rainier on my Project DC Evo turntable. The difference in sound is astronomical between the two. The depth of sound, separation, and punch is perfect. Albums I have heard many times sound completely different now with the Grado3. Everything is very warm and comfortable to the ears. I have listened to everything from John Mayer, The Beatles, Wes Montgomery, and Owl City - all sound fantastic. I will never own or recommend another brand.

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