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Grado GS1000x headphone



The Sound Of Wood Grado has been working with mahogany longer than any other wood, it’s a skill we’ve been honing for generations. The materiality of the GS1000x goes even...

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The Sound Of Wood

Grado has been working with mahogany longer than any other wood, it’s a skill we’ve been honing for generations. The materiality of the GS1000x goes even further now that we’ve paired it with ipê wood, a tropical and durable wood that pairs incredibly well with mahogany. This marriage elevates the signature sound of the GS1000x. Mahogany exudes warm tones while ipê acts as a sturdy base for the any sound passing through its grain.
  • Tranducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open air
  • Frequency Response: 8-35
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8
  • Normal Impedance: 38ohms
  • Driver matched db: .05
  • G cushions

Customer Reviews

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As good as it gets.

These headphones are spectacular. They breathe new life into music I have listened to for decades. With every listen, I hear and appreciate new things. They are just stunningly clear and evocative: vocals and instruments sound close and intimate, like you have a seat on-stage in a concert hall, and with the spacious wood chambers and large earpads, the bass and soundstage are just right. Not too bad to look at, either! Headphones are really a blend of art and science, and for whatever reason, if you own more than one pair of headphones, I'll bet that, like me, you'll find yourself gravitating to your Grados, and the GS1000x is a pinnacle of their lineup.

The kept Promise

I already own a GR10e, and I have an AKG K501, but for a long time the Statement was on my wish list. The time has came, and I purchased my GS1000X. Man, I am VERY satisfied! What I have read reviews were not exaggerating. First of all, it is easy to drive. If you have a good quality mobile DAC/Amp connecting to your phone, it is going to be able to drive the Statement. Of course a good headphone amp is recommended. The sound quality is just wonderful! The AKG counts as a good sound quality headphone, but the Statement out of the box is just outperforms it in every way. Bigger sound stage, better details, I love the bass, probably the mid-range is the strongest point, and crystal clear highs without any irritating harshness. It gave me a new urge to listen to music. Highly recommended!

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When you first lay eyes on the Grado GS1000x Statement, they may seem like another pair of classic over-ear headphones from Grado. However, these are more than meets the eye. Grado’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in every detail. Notably, the GS1000x introduces ipê, a durable tropical wood, alongside Grado’s beloved mahogany, enhancing sonic solidity and robustness in the driver housing.
Under the hood, the GS1000x boasts the latest ‘X’ dynamic drivers, designed to leverage the warmth of mahogany. The 50mm drivers feature a more potent magnetic circuit, a lower-mass voice coil, and a reworked diaphragm for heightened efficiency and reduced distortion. The redesign extends to the headband and cables, featuring a 12-conductor super-annealed copper cable and a minimally padded, leather-covered headband with elegant white stitching.
Delivering a vivid, detailed sound, the GS1000x captivates with its compelling and absorbing performance. Grado’s focus on construction over flashy design is evident in the GS1000x. While the materials are top-notch, the emphasis is on positioning the drivers over the ears. Weighing less than 400g, they provide comfort for extended listening sessions. As open-backed headphones, they’re best enjoyed in solitude where they reward you with a sonic experience that lingers.

A Spacious Soundstage

Journey inside the music and hear the space between instruments with the unique soundstage of the GS1000x. This is only possible when our large cushions, 50mm driver, 12-conductor cable, and large housing work in unison.


  • 50mm driver
  • Mahogany /Ipé wood housing
  • G-Cushions
  • White stitched leather headband
  • De-stressed driver
  • Drivers matched .05db
  • Durable 12-conductor cable
  • Hand assembled in Brooklyn

X Series Drivers

The GS1000x is the first full-bodied headphone to take advantage of the larger 50mm X Drivers. Specifically tuned to bring forth the warmth mahogany produces, this new speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these components for our 50mm drivers improve efficiency, reduces distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of your music.

New Cable & Headbands

Along with the speakers, the cables and headband have been redesigned for the GS1000x. Housed in a more durable exterior, the now super annealed copper 12-conductor cable reveals even more of your music with improved purity. The new black leather headband features a white-stitched accent.

Hand Assembled in Brooklyn

Our first wooden headphones were built in the middle of the night back in 1994 by John Grado. Wood has been a staple on our workbench ever since. Each GS1000x headphone is hand-built by our team in Brooklyn - these headphones go from workbench to workbench until they’re ready for your ears. We started building on a kitchen table in 1953, and every experience since then has led to the GS1000x.